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LEED Green Rater

LEED Green Rater

Green Raters provide in-the-field verification services

Green Raters play a critical part in LEED Homes certification. With tens of thousands of registered projects, the demand for qualified Green Raters is growing every day. All Green Raters work with Homes Provider Organizations to complete the verification process for each BD+C: Homes and BD+C: Multifamily Midrise project. Providers provide quality assurance oversight for each Green Rater. Providers are local organizations authorized by GBCI based on demonstrated experience and expertise in residential green building and on-site verification.

Green Raters are responsible for:

  • Providing on-site verification services on a LEED-registered Homes project
  • Assembling the Project Submittal Package and submitting it for certification review
  • Verifying that the home is designed and built to the rigorous requirements of the rating system through onsite verification.
  • Green Raters must be involved with the project from the design phase (prior to a preliminary rating) and throughout the construction process.
  • Project teams interested in certifying a Homes project must contact a Green Rater.

Step one: Complete the two-part Green Rater training

The Green Rater Training is designed to prepare qualified participants to provide verification services on LEED BD+C: Homes and LEED BD+C: Multifamily Midrise projects. This two-part training is mandatory for professionals pursuing the LEED Green Rater certificate.

Part 1: Full series of self-guided online learning modules (approximately 5 hours)

Part 1 of the training (free of charge) consists of five self-guided online training modules that introduce you to the roles and responsibilities of a LEED Green Rater, discuss applicable technical concepts, discuss verification specifics for various building types, and introduce the participant to the tools and resources that Green Raters will use.

  • 1.1 Becoming a LEED Green Rater
  • 1.2 Green Rater roles and responsibilities
  • 1.3 Technical strategies for LEED for Homes
  • 1.4 Multifamily and production home projects
  • 1.5 Green rater tools and resources

Part 2: Instructor-led 2-day LEED Green Rater Workshop (2 full days)

Part 2 consists of a two-day instructor-led workshop. This highly interactive workshop builds upon the material presented in the online course, further preparing you to rate on LEED Homes projects, and delving deep into the verification services you will provide.

Register for the Green Rater Training Part 2 Instructor-Led Workshop with one of the following providers. All listed providers have been approved by GBCI.

Following the training, participants will be eligible to register and take the LEED Green Rater exam administered through the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). Once passing the exam, the Green Rater In-training will proceed to complete the required mentorship. Upon successful completion of the mentorship, the participant will be awarded the LEED Green Rater certificate.

Step two: Submit additional eligibility qualifications

Demonstrate your eligibility for the LEED Green Rater exam by completing the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 3 yrs. experience in the field of residential construction (e.g. energy rater, general contractor, building inspector, etc). You will need to provide both of the following:
    • Dates of practice in the field of residential construction and
    • Contact info of professional reference who can attest to your experience
  2. A thorough understanding of basic building science. Applicants must complete a minimum of 4 hours of education covering the following topics: building envelope, heat transfer, moisture transfer, air transfer. You will need to confirm:
  3. A thorough understanding of the LEED Homes Rating Systems. You will need to confirm one of the following:

Step three: Pass the Green Rater exam

Candidates may register for the exam through your account. The exam fee is $250 (per exam appointment). Note: you will only be able to register for the exam after completing all of the eligibility requirements. Access the candidate handbook to prepare for the exam.

For information on GBCI's exam refund/rescheduling policy please visit or email with any questions.

Upon passing the exam, candidates will be recognized with a Green Rater in Training status.