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The U.S. Green Building Council is the leading organization representing the green building industry, committed to a sustainable, prosperous future through LEED, the leading program for green buildings and communities worldwide.



USGBC is a movement of community leaders, professionals, businesses and innovators working to accomplish a single bold vision: healthy, efficient and equitable buildings and communities for all. USGBC provides a global platform for growing your business, improving your community and advancing the latest in innovative building practices.

  • USGBC members demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while also making an impact within their sphere of influence, advancing the movement for a more sustainable built environment.
  • USGBC members have access to the greater green building community and industry leadership opportunities through participation in USGBC and LEED committees, local volunteer opportunities, conferences and webinars, and meetings with elected officials to advance the green building industry.
  • Employees of member organizations receive exclusive access to resources, education, the LEED web-based reference guide and more. Members also receive discounts on LEED, Greenbuild and other green building events, USGBC education, and LEED AP and LEED Green Associate credentialing activities.

Become a member to help advance our global mission in your community. Membership is offered for organizations at four levels: Organizational ($300), Silver ($1,500), Gold ($5,000) and Platinum ($20,000); learn more. Local community membership is offered for individuals ($100); find your local USGBC community.

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LEED and green building
Our membership network represents a mosaic of industries and professionals united behind better buildings and their rewards for our future. Your membership in USGBC supports the growing green building movement as well as the ongoing development of LEED, the world’s most well-known and widely used green building program. Learn more.

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USGBC members receive discounts on everything from LEED registration and certification; fees for other green rating systems, including Parksmart, PEER, SITES and TRUE; Greenbuild registration and exhibition; and education to publications, exams and credential maintenance. To compare: one Silver level membership pays for itself with two LEED certifications or six Greenbuild registrations. Organizational level membership almost pays for itself with one Greenbuild registration.



  • Promote your affiliation with the USGBC member logo & certificate
  • Access savings on Education @USGBC subscription, LEED AP, SITES AP, TRUE Advisor, WELL AP & Greenbuild registration
  • Receive unlimited access to members-only resources for all of your employees
  • Stay informed with Member Only Insider Updates



All Organizational benefits plus:

  • Silver badge in online member directory
  • 30 hours of Education @USGBC subscription
  • Savings on LEED certification & registration
  • Savings on Parksmart, PEER, SITES and TRUE registration & certification
  • Savings on Greenbuild Expo space
  • Three complimentary course reviews



All Silver benefits plus:

  • Gold badge in online member directory
  • 150 hours of Education @USGBC subscription
  • Savings on LEED volume
  • Gold customer support services
  • Specialized promotional opportunities & recognition



All Gold benefits plus:

  • Platinum badge in online member directory
  • Unlimited access to Education @USGBC subscription
  • Unlimited access to LEED v4 web-based reference guide
  • Platinum customer support
  • Leadership recognition among USGBC’s network
  • Added access for all of your employees
  • Public relations support



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Let's build a greener future

When you join USGBC, you signal your support for the growing green building movement and LEED.

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Raising the bar of green building
USGBC strives to evolve LEED so that it continues to raise the bar of green building. By increasing the stringency of LEED on a regular basis, we ensure that LEED remains a leadership standard that is affecting real change. We also ensure that industry, products and new innovations can keep up and step up to meet the pressing needs of today’s built environment.

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LEED buildings save money & support public health.
LEED certified buildings save money by using less energy and water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offer a healthier indoor environment for occupants, which reduces sick days and increases productivity.

green jobs

The green economy is growing.
The green building industry is on track to account for more than 3.3 million U.S. jobs — more than one-third of the entire U.S. construction sector – and generate $190.3 billion in labor earnings by 2018. The industry’s direct contribution to U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is also expected to reach $303.5 billion from 2015-2018. And of course, with more than 40 percent of the LEED activity happening internationally, there is even more opportunity for growth and savings at a global level.

Get involved in your local community

USGBC communities provide local leadership, networking, education, and volunteer opportunities for individuals. Membership in a USGBC community helps you expand your network through opportunities to connect with green building industry leaders at every career stage. It also allows you to opt-in to communications relevant to your area so you’ll always be in the know. Previously known as USGBC chapters, these groups have been formally integrated into the national USGBC organization in order to maximize efforts and offer the best benefits possible.

Individuals can join a local USGBC community for $100 per year—or, if they are already an employee of a USGBC national member, they can join a local USGBC community at a reduced rate of $75 per year. Discounted membership rates are offered for full-time students at $25 per year and for emerging professionals under 30 for $35.

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Advance our global mission

USGBC also provides opportunities to join together and move the building industry forward.

ADVANCE is a framework to increase access to resources and expertise for new, underserved and underrepresented audiences.

USGBC's Value Healthy and Efficient Affordable Housing campaign advocates for the adoption of greener building practices by housing finance authorities, public housing authorities and the projects that they fund.

All students deserve to attend sustainable schools that enhance their health and prepare them for 21st century careers.

The Green Apple Day of Service provides an opportunity to transform all schools into healthy, safe and productive learning environments through local service projects.

USGBC supports campus sustainability by providing solutions to transform your existing buildings and infrastructure and by supporting the creation of innovative curriculum solutions.

Project Haiti is USGBC’s initiative to rebuild a LEED Platinum orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti, which was devastated by the 2010 earthquake and continues to be affected by natural disasters such as the recent Hurricane Matthew.

We support resilient buildings that allow communities to be ready, not surprised. USGBC believes we must continuously look over the horizon to foreseeable and unforeseeable crises. Learn more about The Center for Resilience at USGBC.

Although it is widely understood that energy and water are the world’s two most critical resources, their vital interconnections and vulnerabilities are less often recognized.